The Raven Queen


A dark and mysterious goddess full of legend and lore, The Raven Queen is the keeper of souls – a neutral goddess, for all men must die.  Known as the spinner of fate and the patron of winter, she was often called upon during funeral rights to help usher the departed into the afterlife – keeping them safe from the curse of undeath.

Largely worshiped during the Age of Arne, the Raven Queen belongs to the pantheon of the Ancient Gods worshiped by the elders over 2,000 years ago.  Very little is known about her history, though most say that it is by design.  Most stories of The Raven Queen say she was once mortal - a powerful sorcerer who impressed the god Nerull with her will and ambition.  When the Raven Queen's mortal life met its end, Nerull took her and made her his consort.  As a gift to his love, Nerull gave her a large piece of obsidian, infused with his necromantic power.

With this gift, the Raven Queen was able to take Nerull's scythe and with it the power he held over the souls in his thrawl.  With these souls, the Raven Queen was able to over throw Nerull and become the goddess of Death.  Taking Nerull's scythe and her obsidian, the Raven Queen was able to forge the Dagger of Ogin - named after the mythical city from the Rayvefell Mountains.

After seeing the power that the Raven Queen possessed, Orcus sought to overthrow her.  Finding her too powerful, Orcus made a pact with Nerull to destroy the Raven Queen, promising him a seat in his council once he had ultimate control over the 9 hells.  Nerull would receive his scythe, his stolen souls, and his rightful place once more.

The Raven Queen

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