The Empire


etween the Western Dwarven Lands and the Eastern Dwarven Kingdom sits the remains of The Ogien Empire. After the War of the Phoenix, the Kingdom of Vallgard settled into their own group of Baronies and City States, the Dwarves took to the mountains, and The Ogien Empire shortened its name to The Empire. The original ancestors of the Phoenix King still rule The Empire, living in the capital, Swybrook. Swybrook sits to the west of the Gulf of Bheinn, sitting on the coast of the Elwold Bay.












The capital of The Empire, Swybrook is the main trading hub east of the Geisifell Mountains. This large city has a population of nearly 184,000 of various races – primarily Human and Dwarven. There is a strong Divine and Arcane pretense in Swybrook, boasting some of the most prominent universities and cloisters in the civilized lands. The initial gears of the modern-day time devises were forged by Dwarven clerics of Moridan – its technology perfected by the priests of Pelor. Trade primarily consists of Northern Elven textiles and Dwarven metalwork.



Northern port town at the mouth of the Thorge delta with a population of approximately 86,000 people – mostly Dwarven and Elven. Originally settled as a trade hub for the Northern Elven Kingdom and the Dwarves (now called the Eastern Dwarven Kingdom), Greathaven is know for its stock of fine weaponry of both Elven and Dwarven craftsmanship.


The Empire

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